River Falls

Brian Giebel - Hitting Instructor

​Coaching Philosophy/Specialties

Baseball is unlike other sports where the biggest or the strongest or the fastest or the tallest athletes are at a tremendous advantage.  You see all different shaped and sized players that are great hitters. This leads me to believe that there are many athletes that could be really good hitters. The seperation is created by work ethic, attention to detail and willingness to put the work into repetitions.  This is largely what seperates the decent players from really good ones.

 My Philosophy on coaching hitters begins with getting hitters to the correct position at two key spots.  I like to refer to these as the "load position" and the "contact position."  Many good hitters have differences in their swings but there is a fundamental consistency found in good hitters at the load and contact positions. My hitting lessons begin with getting hitters to the correct positions at the load and contact spots using checkpoints.  This is the start of what I look for in mechanics. I will show hitters drills to practice consistantly getting to these two positions on every swing.  As a hitter progresses I will look seperately at the top half and bat path followed by the legs and hip rotation.  The goal will be to get the top half and bat path to work together with the legs and hip rotation in an attempt to get a hitters entire body into their swing. After I get to know a hitter, I will pair them with the drills that will most benefit their swing.  Timing is a crucial aspect to hitting and once we have develped a fundamentally sound swing, we will start to work on and talk about timing. This is just scratching the surface of what goes into becoming a great hitter. There is so much more to hitting that I won't get to in this description.... A couple more key points that I get to in lessons are the mental approach part of the game and the ablilty to adjust this from at bat to at bat and from pitch to pitch.  I am a strong believer in tee work, especially for young hitters that really want to work on their game. The great part about hitting off the tee is you can do it by yourself without having to rely on a coach or a second person to throw.  Great feedback can be gained off the tee if a hitter knows the correct way to set up and what to look for.

I have had the chance to hit with and work with all ages of hitters ranging from as young as 4 years old, to college players, and even had the chance to hit with some professional baseball players. I will do drills and structure lessons appropriately based on the age and current ability of hitters. My energy as a coach comes from a combination of my own love for the game and my enjoyment I get from working with kids.  I am grateful for any chance I get to work with a hitter and to share my knowledge of hitting. My goal as a coach is to help kids develop into quality hitters and also quality young men. My hope is that I can help others to enjoy the great game of baseball as much as I do.

Coaching Experience

  • Field of Dreams Hitting Instructor (2013-present)
  • Fielding and Hitting Instructor for U.S. Baseball Academy Spring Training Camp (2011- 2014)
  • Fighting Fish Baseball  (2013- present)
  • Team Captain UW-Stout Baseball (2010, 2011)

Playing Experience

  • River Falls Fighting Fish Baseball (2008- present)
  • UW-Stout Baseball (2008-2011)
  • River Falls High School Baseball (2000 - 2004)

Honors/ Awards

  • All WIAC player at UW-Stout twice, All Region once
  • Chosen as member of WIAC All Sportsmanship team
  • Career record at UW-Stout for most all time runs scored, 7th most hits, 6th most doubles, 6th most triples, 11th most home runs, 7th most stolen bases, 24th most RBI’s
  • Fighting Fish Baseball team Wisconsin state tournament champions (2011)


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